Aeriol Thixo#2 Aviation Grease 

Aeriol ThixO#2 Aviation Grease is specifically engineered to provide outstanding results in the most extreme conditions. The incredible flexibility in performance allows the grease to be used in a wide range of aviation applications.

Aeriol ThixO#2 Aviation Grease uses an advanced thickening agent and superior additive technology which exhibits a high resistance to water washout, and has excellent thermal and oxidation stability which can result in longer component life and increased productivity. Aeriol ThixO#2 Aviation Grease demonstrates outstanding sheer stability and exhibits a broad temperature range (-35°C to > 250°C).

Approved for use on helicopter and aviation equipment in areas as specified by the OEM. Aeriol ThixO#2 Aviation Grease has received many regional approvals for specific models by the Civil Aviation Authority in New Zealand, Transport Canada, and other countries worldwide.

Aeriol ThixO#2 Aviation Grease is approved and recommended for use in a wide range of Bell Helicopter models for specific applications primarily as a CPC to prevent corrosion and seizing of critical components in simple nuts, bolts as well as drives, hub sets and splines.

Meets or Exceeds the following Bell Consumable Material Ref C-561.

Aeriol ThixO#2 Aviation Grease: For use in aviation (fixed and rotary wing) greasing applications as specified by the OEM. Aeriol ThixO#2 Aviation Grease should not be considered an alternate for other greases in all applications. Be sure to carefully read and apply all instructions found in the maintenance manuals and technical service bulletins published by the OEM.

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  • 3810-1   (425g Tube x 10) 

  • 3810-0   (425g Tube x 60)

  • 3811-0   (17 kg Pail)

  • 3812-0    (55 kg Keg) 

  • 3813-0   (180 kg Drum)

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