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Aeriol ThixOSYN Aviation Grease

Aeriol ThixOSYN Aviation Grease is a specialty lubricant designed for specific aviation applications including helicopter rotor shafts, splines and hub assemblies for the Bell 206A/B and 206L models.

This high performance fully synthetic grease combines the unique properties of a PAO synthetic base oil and advanced EP/AW chemistry with the unique properties of an overbased calcium sulfonate thickener. This special formula provides excellent performance in all aviation applications and long lasting protection for aircraft components.

The low oil separation rate of Aeriol ThixOSYN Aviation Grease facilitates the use of a high index low viscosity base oil over traditional grease formulations reducing starting and running torque. Advanced EP/AW chemistry provides superior high load and extreme pressure protection to over 1.4 GPa without the use of solid lubricants such as molybdenum compounds. 

Aeriol ThixOSYN Aviation Grease: For use in aviation applications as specified by the manufacturer. Follow all maintenance requirements as designated. Avoid contamination of ThixO SYN Aviation Grease with other grease types.


  • 3820-0-10 (400g Tube X 10)

  • 3821-0 (17kg Pail) 

  • 3823-0 (180kg Drum)

  • 3820-0 (400g Tube X 60)

  • 3822-0 (55kg Keg)