Aeriol ThixOSYN Aviation Grease

Aeriol ThixO SYN Aviation Grease is a specialty lubricant designed for specific aviation applications including helicopter rotor hub, trunnion and pitch horn bearing assemblies, swashplate bearing and tail rotor trunnion and pitch assemblies for the Bell 206A/B, L, L1, L3, L4 and TH-67 series.

This high performance fully synthetic grease combines the unique properties of a PAO synthetic base oil and advanced EP/AW chemistry with the unique properties of an over-based calcium sulfonate thickener. This special formula provides excellent performance in all aviation applications and long-lasting protection for aircraft components.

The low oil separation rate of Aeriol ThixO SYN Aviation Grease facilitates the use of a high index low viscosity base oil over traditional grease formulations reducing starting and running torque. Advanced EP/AW chemistry provides superior high load and extreme pressure protection to over 1.4 GPa without the use of solid lubricants such as molybdenum compounds.


Meets or Exceeds the following:

  • MIL-PRF-24139

  • BELL Consumable Material Ref C-172

  • BELL Specification 299-947-554

Aeriol ThixO SYN Aviation Grease: For use in aviation applications as specified by the manufacturer. Follow all maintenance requirements as designated. Avoid contamination of ThixO SYN Aviation Grease with other grease types.


  • 3820-1   (400g Tube X 10)

  • 3820-0   (400g Tube X 60)

  • 3821-0   (17 kg Pail)

  • 3822-0   (55kg Keg)

  • 3823-0   (180kg Drum)

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