Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil -bio SUM

We value environmental preservation for our future generations and can help change some of the negative narrative to show that oil lubrication can be Clean and Green. 

Our Marinus product line is readily biodegradable by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD) standards. It is derived from extremely high quality renewable base stocks, which are 98% biodegraded after 28 days. These oils do not produce a lasting oily residue on water and do not
impact plant and animal life. Marinus can be trusted in all environmentally sensitive areas. 


Marinus Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils are made of a blend of natural esters and high-performance formula of premium additives. The natural esters provide excellent rust and oxidation (RO) resistance to metal components.


The additive package is designed to provide unequalled anti wear (AW) and load carrying abilities, minimize foaming, enhance demulsibility and maintain a high degree of biodegradability. Modern high-performance hydraulic systems rely on fluids that can resist changes in viscosity as operating temperatures rise and fall. Shear stable viscosity modifiers provide high viscosity  indexes (HVI) resulting in minimal temperature effects on fluid viscosity.


Marinus Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils are formulated with enhanced VI properties that enable equipment to maintain maximum hydraulic efficiency and component protection over a wider temperature range allowing year-round service.

Our proprietary formula readily separates water using advanced demulsibility components that greatly
reduces or eliminates hydraulic issues associated with water. This product Meets OEM specifications for
hydraulic pumps including Vickers and Dennision Pump tests.


Marinus Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils are compatible with mineral based oils; however, the mixing of fluids may reduce overall performance and biodegradability. Where possible drain entire system before adding Marinus Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil.


  • 3221-2 (20L Pail - ISO 40)

  • 3223-2 (20L Pail - ISO 68)"

  • 3331-2 (20L Pail - Arctic +15)

  • 3220-2 (205L Drum  - ISO 40)

  • 3222-2 (205L Drum - ISO 68)

  • 3334-2 (205L Drum - Arctic +15)

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