Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil 30

We value a sustainable approach to the environment.  Lubrication can be clean and green while reducing costs.. 

Our Marinus product line is readily biodegradable by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD) standards. It is derived from extremely high quality renewable base stocks, which are 98% biodegraded after 28 days. These oils do not produce a lasting oily residue on water and do not
impact plant and animal life. Marinus can be trusted in all environmentally sensitive areas. 


Marinus Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil has been specifically designed to replace conventional and low-grade vegetable stock rock drill oils.  Combining high levels of biodegradability with enhanced hammer and drill head performance, it excels in pneumatic and rotary percussive drilling applications.


Designed to give long component life in both wet and dry operating conditions, Marinus Rock Drill OIl extends drill pipe life and provides superior extreme pressure performance, and low temperature pumpability for all top hammer and DTH drill systems. Highly biodegradable performance formula can also extend hammer and tool life and reduce oil consumption.


  • Does not separate or become rancid

  • High EP for excellent load carrying capability

  • Fights rust and corrosion

  • Tenacious anti-wear film

  • Resists water washout



  • 36630 BIO-20-l (20L Pail-ISO 30)

  • 36630 BIO-205-l (205L Drum-ISO 30)

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