Biodegradable Valve Actuator Oil

We value a sustainable approach to the environment.  Lubrication can be clean and green while reducing costs.. 

Our Marinus product line is readily biodegradable by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD) standards. It is derived from extremely high quality renewable base stocks, which are 98% biodegraded after 28 days. These oils do not produce a lasting oily residue on water and do not
impact plant and animal life. Marinus can be trusted in all environmentally sensitive areas. 


Marinus Valve Actuator Oil contains custom formulated synthetic fluid designed to meet the needs of demanding gas over hydraulic applications.


Our lubricant meets the viscosity requirements identified by actuator manufactures over a wide range of temperatures providing smooth transmission of power to the valve stem and facilitates the opening and closing of valves within the specified time cycle.

The synthesized base fluid has low surface tension, which promotes natural anti-foaming properties. Foaming can cause poor fluid power transfer, slow actuator speed and increases fluid entrainment in the exhaust gas released into the environment


  • Addresses overhead vapor corrosion and submerged liquid phase corrosion.

  • Meets OEM approvals for gas over hydraulic applications.

  • Reduced environmental damage and liability



  • 3640-20-1 (20L Pail)

  • 3640-205-1 (205L Drum)

  • 3640-00-00 (Bulk)

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