DieselFX a high performance fuel conditioner that boosts cetane 3 to 5 points, contains lubricity and
strong detergents to keep your fuel system clean.

DieselFX is designed to improve performance when using ULSD #2 or BioDIESEL blends (B5, B20) and
provides protection for critical fuel system components. It meets or surpasses all regulatory criteria set forth by OEM’s and legislative groups. DieselFX provides performance enhancements to diesel fuel to help meet the demanding needs of specific applications that require additional additives as recommended by the OEM.


Fuel economy improvements are achieved through the use of cetane improvers and maintaining the fuel
system with detergents and synthetics lubricity agents which keep engines running at peak performance.

Base fuel quality does not always meet OEM fuel requirements. Consult OEM fuel specifications for recommendations about when equipment requires the use of DieselFX.

EPA 40 CFR 79.23 194620005

DieselFX: To be continuously or batch blended into diesel fuel as a concentrate or as a stock solution. In bulk storage tanks mix enough DieselFX to treat the entire fill amount. Use AccuPOUR or a similar measuring device to ensure an accurate treat ratio -1L of DieselFX treats 1000L of diesel fuel.



  • 3300-750-4 (750 ml x 4 pack)

  • 3300-20-1 (20L Pail)

  • 3300-200-1 (200L Drum) 


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