A balanced Group II hydrocracked engine oil formula designed for diesel engine oils with API CJ-4 and high mileage gasoline engine oils with API SM/SN and ILSAC GF-5 specifications.

EngineMaxxLA is designed to blend with engine oils to complement and enhance the protection of equipment under difficult performance requirements where the oil alone proves inadequate. Can also be used to extend the service life of oils.

EngineMaxxLA helps to increase service life by improving the ability of the oil to neutralize contaminants and acidic byproducts.

Enhances sheer stability and oxidation resistance and improving wear protection through the use of proprietary lubrication chemistry and premium additive technology.

EngineMaxxLA is compatible with mineral based Group II + III) and synthetic-based polyalphaolefin and diester (Group IV) engine oils bearing API service categories CJ-4, SM, SN and ILSAC GF-5 specifications.

EngineMaxxLA contains no solid particles or heavy metals and is compatible with manufacturer specifications requiring low-ash (SAPS) oil content.

EngineMaxxLA: Use with API CJ-4 diesel oils or high mileage oils with API SM/SN. Intended for internal combustion engines. Also compatible with API service categories before SM / CJ-4.


  • 3101-1-12 (1L X 12)

  • 3101-20-1 (20L Pail)

  • 3101-4-4 (4L X 4)

  • 3101-205-1 (205L Drum)


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