Infinity Pen 

The Heavy Duty Penetrator with Rust Breaker formula is designed to rapidly cut through rust and corrosion, seized parts or tools and loosen off stuck, jammed, or quandaried material. Ideal for tough conditions including wet and cold. Loosens rust from metal surfaces and frees stuck of frozen parts Spray liberally on metal surfaces and allow standing time to ensure adequate penetration. Contains 10% Boundary Lubricant to facilitate ease of movement even with metal-to-metal contact.


  • 3505-425-12 (425g Aerosol)

  • 3505-52-12 (52g Aerosol) 

  • 3505-4-4 (4LX4)

  • 3505-20-10 (20L Pail)

  • 3505-205-1 (205L Drum)

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