Triumph EnviroSUM Saw Guide Oil

We value a sustainable approach to the environment. Lubrication can be clean and green while reducing

Our Triumph product line is classified as Environmentally Responsible by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) standards, using high quality base stocks that efficiently biodegrade in only 60 days. These products can be trusted in all environmentally sensitive areas.

Saw Guide Oil is a high quality oil for lubricating and protecting saw guides and blades. This lubricant is designed for use in proactive sawmills who understand the value in improving the quality, reliability and availability of saws, edgers and sawboxes.

As a Triumph Product, its biodegradability minimizes the impact of oil on finished cuts and greatly reduces handling, toxicity and environmental issues associated with water and oil use on saws. Water flow can be greatly reduced when using Triumph Saw Guide Oil in all horizontal and vertical arbour saw boxes and edgers. (Water flow reduction is dependant on saw size, wood size and feed speeds.) 


  • Blends easily with water 

  • Unique tackifier for added adherence to blades 

  • Fights rust and corrosion 

  • Tenacious anti-wear film thickness

  • Facilitates reduced saw plate and blade 

  • Improves quality control

  • Allows for thin kerf sawing


  • 3610-20-1 (20 L Pail)

  • 3610-205-1 (205 L Drum)

  • 3610-00-00 (Bulk)

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